For our clients we are realizing mainly FTL transport, domestic and international - western and southern Europe.

We have our own modern fleet, Euro4 and Euro5.

We specialize in transport of cargo tractors with refrigerator trailers. Also, we have a standard and low loader tilt trailers.

We will carry for you all loads, in accordance with applicable standards and regulations.

Our qualifications have been certified by the „Kompetencji Zawodowych w Międzynarodowym Transporcie Drogowym Rzeczy” issued by the Institute of Road Transport in Warsaw.

Transportation services are made based on license No. : 00906671 to perform national road haulage and License No. TU0273742 to perform international transport.

We have OCP insurance in national and international traffic.

1. License to perform national road haulage

2. License to perform international transport

NIP(VAT identification number)

REGON (CRO-certificate) CEIDG
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